Backgammon how to play

BackGammon, How to Play Online

The game of backgammon is one designed for two players, and consists of a board that has 24 narrow triangles, or points that alternate in colour and are divided into four sections comprised of six triangles each. These four portions of the board are sometimes referred to as the player’s home and outer boards, and the opponent’s home and outer boards. These two boards are detached by a ridge which runs down the centre of the board, known as the bar.

When beginning to learn BackGammon how to play, players will be faced with numbered points, which begin in each player’s home board. The outermost one is called the 24-point, and this will also be the opponent’s one-point. Each player will have 15 checkers in his or her own colour with the starting arrangement of:

  • Two checkers on each player’s 24-point
  • Five on each player’s 13-point
  • Three on each player’s eight-point
  • Five on each player’s six-point

Each player will have a separate pair of dice, and a doubling cube featuring the numbers 2; 4; 8; 16; 32 and 64. This is used for players to keep track of the current wager of the game.

The Object of the Game of Backgammon

When players start learning BackGammon how to play they will need to know that the purpose of it is to move all of their checkers into their home boards and then bear them off. The first player to do this is the winner.

The Movement of the Checkers

When players begin Backgammon how to play, they will need to throw one of their dice in order to determine which player begins, and which numbers are going to be paid. If two of the same numbers come up, both of the players will reroll the dice, and will need to continue to do so until different numbers come up. The player that has thrown the higher number will now move his or her checkers according to these, and after the first roll the players will throw two dice at a time and take turns alternately.

The BackGammon how to play rules indicate that the numbers that the dice show will tell the player how many pips or points he or she will need to move his or her checkers. The checkers are moved forward, to a lower-numbered point, in the direction of the player’s home board. A number of BackGammon how to play rules pertain:

  • A player’s checker can only be moved to an open pip or point, i.e. one that is not taken by two or more of the opponent’s checkers.
  • The numbers on the two dice indicate two separate moves. For example, should a player roll a four and a six, he or she may use these to move two checkers four places and six places forward, or combine them to move one checker ten spaces forward, but only if the intermediate points, in this case the fourth and sixth spaces, are open.

BackGammon how to play articles and instruction manuals are easily found online, and play can be enjoyed for free for as long as players wish to do so.

Gambling Addiction – Is Bingo Addictive

Gambling Addiction – Is Bingo Addictive?

Bingo is a popular game of chance that players can find at many online and land-based casinos. Games of bingo are highly social in nature, allowing players to network with fellow bingo enthusiasts as they play, which is aided by the chat functions included in many online bingo games. Apart from the interactive nature of bingo, many players are also attracted to play the game by the chance of winning its cash jackpot, which may be progressive or straight in nature but is usually quite substantial in value.

Due to the thrill of chasing one of these jackpots, it is possible for some players to develop an addiction to bingo gambling, which in many cases goes unnoticed as it begins to develop. Learn more about gambling addiction – is bingo addictive here, as well as the signs of bingo addiction and some of the support facilities available to compulsive gamblers.

The Signs of Problem Gambling

Although gambling addiction signs may be challenging to spot at first, many compulsive gamblers exhibit a number of telltale signs once they have developed a gambling problem. Compulsive gamblers can generally described as individuals who continue to gamble with games like bingo, despite the consequences the gambling may have on their personal and professional lives.

When looking for signs of gambling addiction – is bingo addictive, there are a few standard warning signs to observe. An individual who has developed a compulsive gambling habit may find it difficult to stop gambling, despite having little money for bingo or experiencing a losing streak. A compulsive gambler will often spend more money than they can afford on playing real money bingo games, and these individuals may also often lie about or hide their gambling, keeping it a secret from friends, family and loved ones.

Compulsive gamblers may wager larger and larger amounts of money in an attempt to recuperate losses, or wager larger amounts in order to chase the thrill of gambling. Being neglectful of responsibilities and social and family life may also be a clear warning sign of gambling addiction – is bingo addictive, and a compulsive bingo player may appear more irritable or depressed than usual.

Compulsive Gambling Help and Support

Although it may be intimidating to problem gamblers to learn about the signs of a possible gambling addition – is bingo addictive, such individuals have a number of help and support facilities dedicated to helping gamblers overcome problematic habits. Most countries on a worldwide scale have national gambling help lines available to their citizens, and many of these facilities even offer online bingo players the option to chat online if support is needed.

As well as national institutions, a number of independent and state-funded gambling therapy facilities are also available to compulsive gamblers.

Tips to Avoid Bingo Addiction

In general, there are a couple of sound tips that online and land-based bingo players should follow to prevent the onset of a problematic gambling habit. When playing real money casino games like bingo, players should always set an affordable wagering limit for themselves, and never exceed what they know they can comfortably afford. When experiencing a losing streak in bingo, it is also advisable for players to take a break from the game rather than chasing their losses, which may lead to greater losses in the future.

Gunnedah Cup

Gunnedah Race Course and Gunnedah Cup Racing

The Gunnedah Racecourse lies in the Namoi Valley and is 411kms north of Sydney. The town of Gunnedah is known as the ‘Koala Capital of Australia’ due to its thriving koala population but come Gunnedah Cup day, it’s the thoroughbred horses that grab the town’s attention. Locals flock to the Gunnedah Racecourse in search of a great day by the track hoping to back a few winners along the way. The course itself is 1800m in circumference with a fairly tight final turn that leads onto the 400m start/finish straight.

The Mile Feature Event

The feature race at the Gunnedah Race Course is the 1600 metre Gunnedah Cup, which is run in May each year. Australia has one of the most active wagering communities in the world, with over 80% of the island continent placing bets of some sort. Not that surprising a statistic when you think about it. Horse betting on its own contributes hugely to this. The amount of races every year throughout Australia is huge. This is only aided by significant rural, or country events such as the Gunnedah Cup that are part of carnival, or community Race Days. For the technologically equipped online punter, all these events are available from the comfort of your own home.

Recent Gunnedah Cup History

In the recent past, Stephen Gleeson’s winning run shows no sign of slowing after scooping both the Kosec Kodari Securities Lightning Handicap and the 2015 Sky Gold Pryde’s Easifeed Gunnedah Cup on Sunday with Pippi’s Pride. Wagering on a win for this horse paid handsome $21.70 dividends, and it mowed down heavily backed favourites Cocktail Time ($3.70) and 2014 Cup winner, Collar ($3.80), to claim this year’s Gold Cup for the Muswellbrook-based trainer.

Pippi’s Pride was ridden by Leanne Henry who held off nicely over the 1600m distance before mounting her attack in the final few hundred metres.

The Future of the Event

The sport of Equestrianism has been around since ancient times. Great cultures such as the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Babylonians dabbled in the field. It was originally intended to hone the skills of warriors on horseback. As the need for such fighters disappeared, the sport had gained enough traction to become popular even in modern day society.

There has never been a better time to utilise online betting. Just to add even more excitement to the Gunnedah racing events and particularly the Gunnedah Cup than was already there. With the booming popularity it means greater winnings because of the massive betting pool. Huge variety means enormous choice and amount of options. Punters have to option to bet on the winner, or last place, or the first three positions, or even every position in the race. This is an activity that needs a lot of skill. Be able to read the horses, the jockeys, and the field. Also a fair amount of luck concerning conditions, weather and draw add extra variables, but if it all comes together just right, it can be one of the most lucrative hobbies possible.

The Gunnedah Cup has prize money of $25 000 for first place, and $4 840 for second. With the popularity of the event, and the Gunnedah venue attracting more and more visitors, punters can expect this money to increase in the coming years too.

Lady Bug Adventures

Lady Bug Adventures Online Slots

Lady Bug Adventures is an online video slots game from the iSoftBet company, a developer who consistently pleases fans of online gambling with their offerings. This video slots game takes for its theme an anime character, a girl named Marinetta Cheng, whose superpowers lie in the magical earrings she possesses. The theme is executed in detail, the graphics are first-rate, and the game provides for some exciting extra features.

Description for Lady Bug Adventures

The Lady Bug Adventures online video slots game has five reels, but no active lines. The symbols are positioned in three rows across the screen. The game’s available functions include both standard and special symbols, a prize round based on the theme, and progressive jackpots, among others.

Play for Lady Bug Adventures

Lady Bug Adventures features the 243 ways to win that iSoftBet slots often do, meaning that as long as a symbol comes into sight on three consecutive reels, from the left-hand side of the screen to the right-hand side, the player is guaranteed a win, no matter where on the reels these symbols appear. Each round will cost the player 50 credits, a bet amount of between one and ten is selected, and a coin value, between one cent and ten cents is set for each spin.

The symbol which pays out the highest amount in Lady Bug Adventures is the Lady Bug herself, and she will award 15 000 coins if five are landed, and, if the maximum bet amount of ten is in force, the lesser progressive jackpot will then be awarded. The other characters for the game pay out between 2 000 and 10 000 coins if five are landed with the maximum bet amount active.

There is a respin feature for Lady Bug Adventures, which is randomly awarded, and when it becomes active the Lady Bug character will appear in front of the reels and start the reels spinning by means of her glowing stick. These respins will keep happening until a win is made, and they unfold along with intricate animation, with the whole screen vibrating as the super heroine works her magic.

Symbols for Lady Bug Adventures

The wild symbol for Lady Bug Adventures is extended, and features a black cat, with the symbol being twice the length of any of the others. The black cat wild will stand in for all other symbols except the bonus and scatters.

The characters for this online video slots game will all be immediately recognised by players who are familiar with the animated series, and this serves to give the game a very up-to-the-minute feel. The background for the game is a night scene, replete with yellow neon lights lighting up the city, and many of the symbols are also placed against a dark background, bringing to mind the gothic world of Batman. The Lady Bug super heroine features twice on the reels, once with a close-up view of her masked face, the other with her in her magical ladybug outfit, full-length.

iPad Slots

iPad Online Slots at your Fingertips

When it comes to replicating the online slots experience on the go, Apple’s iPad offers the perfect alternative for players looking for a portable solution. iPad slots have made it even easier to enjoy the world’s favourite casino games on the go and have changed the way many players engage and interact online.

Respected online casino software developers such as Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, NetEnt and Realtime Gaming now offer optimised slots that run smoothly on Apple’s iOS and that can be accessed in the iPad’s browser or as a downloadable app.

An Ideal Mobile Gaming Platform

Bigger than a smartphone yet just as portable, the iPad was developed as an alternative to a laptop but with similar specs. An innovative and cutting edge tablet, Apple made waves when it released the first iPad in 2010 and in the intervening years has sold more than 200 million units worldwide.

With so many iPad’s in circulation, it was only natural that gambling enthusiasts would want to enjoy their favourite casino games on the go. iPad slots thus became readily available at top online casinos, with developers ensuring that their software was able to run smoothly and seamlessly on this popular tablet. There are now a huge number of top iPad slots titles available and players can enjoy reel spinning fun and the chance to win big whenever and wherever they choose.

App and Instant Play iPad Slots

With its incredibly powerful processor, the iPad is well equipped to handle the fast pace animations and operational requirements of online slots. iPad slots have all been adapted to integrate with the device’s touch screen and this has added an interactive element that was previously unheard of.

To access Instant Play iOS optimised iPad slots players simply need to be connected to the Internet and enter the web address of the site they wish to visit in their browser. They’ll then have access to top quality games that require no download and can be enjoyed without any delays.

Many players, however, prefer downloading free iPad slots apps and installing them on their devices. To access an app once downloaded a player will simply have to tap the icon on their screen and the game will open automatically. The quality of instant play and app-based slots usually does not differ in any way and it’s down to player’s personal preference which option they choose.

Rewarding iPad Slots

As iPad slots are so popular it’s only natural that there are a vast number of different games on offer. Classic reel slots can be enjoyed, as can video slots and fruit machine style games. Any player who enjoys real money gaming and wants to potentially win big will opt for the progressive jackpot slots as these feature payouts that can easily exceed a million dollars.

Playing iPad slots does not exclude players from winning big and the same big jackpots and bonuses that are offered to online players can also be claimed by mobile. In fact, many online casinos offer exclusive bonuses for those using a specific mobile device in an effort to shift the focus from computer to smartphone or tablet and to encourage new players to give this type of gaming a try.

Mystery Star Online Video Slot Machine

Mystery Star Online Video Slot Machine

Slot machines gained worldwide popularity primarily in the style known as fruit machines; so called because of the various fruit used as reel symbols. Novomatic’s Mystery Star online video slot machine calls to mind those classic favourites.

This game features five reels and five fixed paylines. The only bonus feature in the game is its scatter symbol, although the game does include other features that have become fairly standard in video slots.

One of these is the Gamble feature, which could see players’ wins doubled. The slot can be played for free or real money on PC and mobile.

Mystery Star Reel Symbols

Set against a backdrop of orange, red, and yellow fireworks, the black reels of Mystery Star online video slot machine highlight its colourful reel symbols.

The higher and lower value symbols are all quite traditional, with nary a playing card in sight. These symbols include watermelons, sevens, bells, plums, oranges, limes, and cherries.

Winning combinations are formed by at least three symbols appearing in consecutive order, from left to right, in sequences found on the paytable.

Star Scatter Symbol

The gold star on the reels of Mystery Star online video slot machine is the scatter symbol. This bonus symbol is an exception to the left-to-right rule for winning combinations.

The scatter symbol can form winning combinations from anywhere on the reels. The scatter wins it pays out are not set amounts.

Rather, players receive a mystery prize from within a specific range. The range from which the prize is awarded depends on whether three, four, or five stars appeared on the reels.

Easy to Play

Fixed paylines and no complicated bonus games make Mystery Star online video slot machine an easy one to play.

That the paylines are fixed means that players cannot select the number of lines they wish to play. All bets they place activate all paylines.

What players can set is the amount of the bet per line, which can range between eight and 2000 credits. This makes for a maximum bet of 10 000 credits per spin.

Once players have set the line bet amount, all they need to do is spin the reels by selecting the Spin button. Winning combinations will be identified when the reels come to a stop, and wins will be paid out.

Mystery Star Gamble Feature

The Gamble feature provides a quick and easy way for players to possibly double their wins. Whenever players land a win on the reels of Mystery Star online video slot machine, they have the option of selecting the Gamble feature.

If they opt to use the feature, they will need to guess whether the facedown card on the screen is red or black. If they guess correctly, that win will be doubled. Incorrect guesses will see players lose that win.

Graphics and Sound

While Mystery Star online video slot machine offers back-to-basics gameplay, it does so with sumptuous graphics and animations, good quality ambient sounds, and smooth playing action. The interface is well laid-out and easily navigable.


Ghostbusters Online Slots Game

Ghostbusters is an IGT online slots games that has five reels, thirty pay lines, bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. A minimum of twenty credits is required to enable a single pay line and each spin needs a minimum of fifty credits to spin the reels. The game is powered by International Game Technology who are world leaders in developing gaming software and system designs.

The Ghostbusters Online Slots Theme

The iconic film from the 80’s, Ghostbusters, is the theme for this online slots game. It is action packed full of graphics, animations and sound effects that bring the theme to life. Slimer is the featured character who comically narrates as the game unfolds, he teases and mocks as multipliers, credits and other prizes are awarded. Some wins will result in the showing of a famous clip from the film.

At certain random moments throughout the game the marshmallow man sweeps across the screen leaving a trail of wild symbols behind him. The iconic characters Winston Zeddmore, Egon Spengler, Dr Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz and Louis Tully as well as Slimer, the marshmallow man, the car, various traps that were used and the proton packs are all featured on the reels. There are no playing card symbols that are usually found on slots reels but the standard sevens symbol is available. The Ghostbusters theme song plays as the reels spin. The librarian’s shrieks and real voice recordings from the stars of the film can be heard throughout the game.

Ballroom Buster and Stay Puft Bonus Rounds

The Ballroom Buster bonus round is triggered when the scatter symbols land on reels two and three with a Slimer symbol on the fourth reel. The bonus game is played with a proton pack firing at a bunch of Slimer’s positioned around the ballroom. Five attempts are allowed to capture the Slimer’s and they will each award various credit amounts and cash prizes with some offering multipliers.

The Stay Puft bonus round triggers eight free spins and sees pieces of marshmallows falling from above. The Ghostbuster scatter symbols need to land on the second and third reels with a Stay Puft symbol on the fourth to trigger this bonus round. When a piece of a marshmallow lands on any of the symbols on the reels, they become sticky wild multipliers. They then pay twice the amount when used in any winning combination.

The Psychic and Paranormal Pick Features

Ghostbusters online slots has a psychic feature and a paranormal pick bonus game. The psychic feature bonus game involves Dr Peter Venkman who holds a hidden card and the aim is to choose a separate card that matches. Green slimy clouds appear in the paranormal pick bonus game. Five different progressive jackpot amounts can be won here by selecting one of the five green slimy clouds.

The Ghostbusters Cash Award Feature

The Ghostbusters Cash Award feature first shows Slimer performing a funny animation before he begins offering various multipliers. During this round the wild symbols appear more frequently and can transform normal symbols in wilds if they appear alongside them on an edge or corner of the reels. One to three of the reels can possibly become wild reels.

Australian Lotteries

Fans Can Play Australian Lotteries Every Day

Australian lotto fans have plenty of options to play the numbers; there is at least one nationwide lottery drawn five nights a week, and on some nights, there will be two or three. Throw in a game like Lucky Lotteries, a lucky-ticket game that is only drawn once a set number of tickets has been sold (so it can create a big winner on any night), and Australian lotteries enthusiasts can reap lotto rewards seven days a week.

The proliferation of online and mobile gaming sites not only means that lotteries previously confined to a specific state or territory can now be played nationwide, but also that players can try their luck whenever and wherever they feel like it, as long as they have internet access. There are a number of companies providing online access to Australian lotteries, like Netlotto, Intralot Australia, Lotterywest and Jumbo Interactive (aka Ozlotteries), but the largest is the Tatts Group Limited.

Only Western Australia’s state-owned lottery company, Lotterywest, is also operated by the state: in Australia’s other states and territories, Tatts runs a number of private and state lotteries, although ownership of the latter does remain in the hands of the state or territorial government. Essentially, Tatts collaborates with the bloc of individual state-owned lotteries to administer nationwide online lotto games that were previously accessible only regionally, while each state’s share of the profits continues to support social programmes.

Regional Lotteries that have Gone Nationwide

Tatts runs some of Australia’s most popular lottery brands, including the Saturday Lotto, (called by that name, or simply Lotto, in NSW and Western Australia, but branded as Tattslotto in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and the ACT, Gold Lotto in Queensland, and X Lotto in South Australia). An average Saturday Lotto first-division payout is around AU$4-million, but regular special draws with a jackpot of AU$20-million and even AU$30-million occur several times a year. Tatts also operates the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, (aka X Lotto in South Australia), which was originally a game confined to NSW.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has a regular Division 1 prize of AU$1-million, occasionally rising to AU$5-million on a Monday night “superdraw”. Oz Lotto on Tuesday nights is another Tatts offering, and it bears the distinction of having delivered a jackpot of more than AU$111-million; the highest in the history of Australian lotteries. Tatts also runs the Thursday night Powerball lottery, where the drawing of six numbers from one drum and a single number from a separate drum make a Division 1 win even harder, but ensures that when jackpots are won, they are substantial. The highest to date has been just over AU$80-million.

Other lotteries operated by Tatts include the Set For Life lottery (which pays jackpot winners monthly instalments rather than a lump sum) and the Super 66 (Lotto Strike in NSW).

Australian Lotteries with No Balls

Not all Australian lotteries are ball-based: the Lucky Lotteries, as mentioned, are based on ticket draws, and the Australian Soccer Pools uses the weekly football results (in Australian or European leagues, depending on the season) to generate winning numbers. Players can also bet on a computerised racing game called Trackside. So whatever form of lottery they enjoy most, Australians can play them online anywhere, anytime, through a mobile or desktop connection.

Diamonds of Athens

Diamonds of Athens Online Video Slot Game

Diamonds of Athens, from the acclaimed High 5 Gaming studio, is a 6-reel, 4-row Video Slots game with 50 possible paylines. The game can be played with equal ease on desktop and mobile devices, for single-bet coin values of anywhere between 0.01 and 10 per activated payline. This means that, whatever the coin value a player has chosen, adding another con will activate the next payline. It also means that the lowest possible wager in the game is 0.01 and the highest is 500, so every playing possible playing budget is catered for. Winners of the top Jackpot will get 500 times their wagers, and the reels can also be spun for free in a no-deposit mode. This allows players to practice and get familiar with the game, building up their confidence before staking any money on it.

Theme and Design

Diamonds of Athens is set in the times of Ancient Greece, with a well-rendered interior of the Coliseum forming the backdrop to the reels. The reels themselves are fashioned after golden tiles, and the higher-value regular reel symbols are the Minotaur from Greek Mythology as well as artefacts from the time such as Helmets, Swords and Axes and a Hero and Heroine. Lower-value symbols are the usual playing cards. The legendary Cyclops, Diamonds of Athens logo and Diamond are the special symbols in the game. Various animations on the reels are well-executed and take the central ideas of the game even further, as does the background Grecian music. To complete the immersive experience, realistic land-based Slots machine noises and classic sound effects can also be heard.


Matching 3 – 6 playing card symbols on a paying line wins players between 1 and 20 times their stake, while matching the same of most higher-value symbols yields 4 to 30 times what was bet. When 3 or more Minotaur or Cyclops images appear on an activated payline, the reward is 8 to 60 times a player’s wager, and spinning more than 3 Heroines can return up to 100 times the stake.

The Cyclops character is also the Mystery Symbol in the game, and its images are transformed into any of the regular reel symbols at the start of each spin. When they are stacked, all Mystery Symbols will be transformed into the same regular icon, which can create many rewarding combinations.

The game logo is the Wild Symbol and can substitute for all other icons to create winning combinations, with the exception of the Diamond Scatter Symbol. Wild symbol combinations also return decent multiples of whatever was bet, with 3 Symbols yielding a 5x payout and 6 releasing the Jackpot and multiplying a player’s stake by 500x.

When 12 to 16 Diamonds are scattered across Reels 2 to 5, the Diamonds of Athens Free Spins Bonus Feature is triggered. Players are awarded as many Free Spins as Diamonds appeared to activate the Bonus Round. Different reels are allowed to spin during the different turns of the Free Spins Game, which helps to keep things exciting for players.

Online bingo gaming companies

The Best Online Bingo Gaming Companies

All online bingo sites need to use some form of software upon which their bingo games are run. These online bingo gaming companies determine the variety of bingo games that each affiliated site offers as well as the mode, or manner of play of those games. This rule effectively applies to all online games as the software involved creates the game, and largely determines how the public enjoys the game and the popularity it garners online. With respect to the online bingo gaming companies, there are some whose gaming software is obviously more appreciated than others, but the number of providers in this regard is actually quite limited.

These are the Top Eight Companies

Many of the most reputable UK Bookmakers operate their bingo divisions using Virtue Fusion software. This company started in 2001 with just five employees and thanks to their excellent software, quickly grew into one of the most highly respected online bingo gaming companies. In 2010 they were bought out by casino software developer giant, Playtech.

Brigend Limited is currently the world’s largest bingo software provider. Their history is the result of one the world’s largest online gambling companies 888 Holdings Plc starting a B2B division called Dragonfish in 2007. After acquiring the internet’s largest bingo site WinkBingo in 2009, Brigend became the software used by three different bingo networks, making it the largest of the online bingo gaming companies.

Gamesys was established in 2001 by Noel Hayden, seven developers, and two programmers. Today they are a large undertaking employing more than 3000 people. Gamesys is one of the most decorated online bingo gaming companies.

Microgaming was one of the first developers of online casino games starting as early as 1994 and launched the first ever online poker network in 2001. Whilst still leaders amongst online bingo gaming companies in both casino and poker software, their bingo network uses proprietary software that was developed in-house. Popularly rated as perhaps the best bingo network.

Cozy Games Limited is a reputable provider of online bingo software based in Cyprus that was launched in 2005. This network has developed some popular momentum, and is currently considered a serious player in the online bingo gaming companies niche. Their mobile software is well ahead of its time, and they also won the 2011 eGaming Review award for Innovation in Bingo of the Year.

St Enodoc was established in 2003, and was rebranded St Minver in 2005. Whilst no longer the powerhouse they once were, they are Gibraltar licensed, still offer excellent software and host many highly reputable bingo sites.

Vista Gaming was launched way back in 1996, and is owned and operated by one of the internet’s first ever bingo sites. They service US players, where online bingo operations are illegal, and therefore much less is known about their history and ownership.

Tombola has been the number one name in UK and US bingo equipment over the past 50 years. Producers of almost all the old fashioned bingo hall supplies, such as cards and number selection equipment. Today their bingo software powers only their own online bingo room.

The Final Word

Prospective bingo players should therefore always check that their selected bingo site and bingo room is affiliated to one of these online bingo gaming companies for real bingo peace of mind.