Backgammon how to play

BackGammon, How to Play Online

The game of backgammon is one designed for two players, and consists of a board that has 24 narrow triangles, or points that alternate in colour and are divided into four sections comprised of six triangles each. These four portions of the board are sometimes referred to as the player’s home and outer boards, and the opponent’s home and outer boards. These two boards are detached by a ridge which runs down the centre of the board, known as the bar.

When beginning to learn BackGammon how to play, players will be faced with numbered points, which begin in each player’s home board. The outermost one is called the 24-point, and this will also be the opponent’s one-point. Each player will have 15 checkers in his or her own colour with the starting arrangement of:

  • Two checkers on each player’s 24-point
  • Five on each player’s 13-point
  • Three on each player’s eight-point
  • Five on each player’s six-point

Each player will have a separate pair of dice, and a doubling cube featuring the numbers 2; 4; 8; 16; 32 and 64. This is used for players to keep track of the current wager of the game.

The Object of the Game of Backgammon

When players start learning BackGammon how to play they will need to know that the purpose of it is to move all of their checkers into their home boards and then bear them off. The first player to do this is the winner.

The Movement of the Checkers

When players begin Backgammon how to play, they will need to throw one of their dice in order to determine which player begins, and which numbers are going to be paid. If two of the same numbers come up, both of the players will reroll the dice, and will need to continue to do so until different numbers come up. The player that has thrown the higher number will now move his or her checkers according to these, and after the first roll the players will throw two dice at a time and take turns alternately.

The BackGammon how to play rules indicate that the numbers that the dice show will tell the player how many pips or points he or she will need to move his or her checkers. The checkers are moved forward, to a lower-numbered point, in the direction of the player’s home board. A number of BackGammon how to play rules pertain:

  • A player’s checker can only be moved to an open pip or point, i.e. one that is not taken by two or more of the opponent’s checkers.
  • The numbers on the two dice indicate two separate moves. For example, should a player roll a four and a six, he or she may use these to move two checkers four places and six places forward, or combine them to move one checker ten spaces forward, but only if the intermediate points, in this case the fourth and sixth spaces, are open.

BackGammon how to play articles and instruction manuals are easily found online, and play can be enjoyed for free for as long as players wish to do so.