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Writing a Hit Song for an Online Contest

If you’ve always been a whizz at making up lyrics, writing little ditties or live life to your own custom soundtrack then you might just be the perfect candidate for an online song writing competition. Some of the world’s most famous singers are always looking for new material and if you have hidden talents then it’s time to get discovered and potentially even earn some money.

Writing a hit song may seem simple but often it’s all about being at the right place at the right time and creating music that everyone wants to hear. Song writing competitions provide the perfect platform for this and are free to enter, costing you nothing but offering the chance to win big in return.

When you search for an online casino to play your favourite slots or table games you always look for the site that offers the best casino bonuses. These bonuses add value to your gaming experience and keep your bankroll enriched, providing a bigger and better chance of winning big. In the same way, if you choose to enter a song writing contest online you need to opt for a competition that could result in making you a star, and by entering contests backed by reputable recording labels you always stand  a chance of being discovered and rewarded for your amazing lyrics.

When sitting down to write a hit song there are a few factors you need to remember, the first being that penning a hit usually doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it easy. Writing songs is a craft and creating great lyrics is a process that many need time to master. Song writing can be time consuming and takes plenty of effort from the writer and it’s often a cathartic process that lets you relive emotions and put them down on paper. An honest, heartfelt song or one that really speaks to others or makes a solid point is sure to be a winner and its essential that you aim to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Deciding which genre your song is suitable for is also important and you should be able to write for a specific genre and appeal to those who listen to a set style of music. Writing lyrics for R ’n B will be different to penning a hit for Michael Buble or Rod Stewart, as would writing for Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Your lyrics should speak to a generation, whether it is pop, jazz or rap and writing a song that fits a genre is an essential skill that could get you noticed.

Not everyone can write a song, just as not everyone can sing in tune. By entering song writing competitions you can determine whether your skills are up to standard or if you are a cut above the rest in terms of lyrical abilities. Writing a hit song won’t happen overnight but if you practise your skills, do some research and work out exactly what you are trying to say and who you are trying to say it to, you could be well on your way to winning first place in an online competition.

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Songwriting Can Be Enjoyed by Everyone

Every person on earth has a number of songs that bring back specific experiences from their past, from unhappy ones like broken relationships and the death of a loved one, to joyous experiences like the first kiss and falling in love. Not many people are aware that they are just as capable as the biggest stars in songwriting at crafting a good lyric, and, with a little bit of practice, can also experience the thrill of accurately managing to transfer their thoughts, ideas and feelings to paper, or electronic screen, as the case may be. You can use your Android smartphone or tablet to take notes, craft rhymes, and jot down ideas as you go about your day, and keep it as a receptacle for your finished songs as well.

We are all aware that the days of using a smartphone or tablet purely for talking, texting and surfing social media websites are long behind us, and budding songwriters can now put them to use for keeping the results of their inspiration near at hand. Perhaps the nicest aspect of using your smartphone as a songwriting tool is the fact that when you need to clear your head a little you can quickly drop in at some of the best Android casinos in the UK, all without moving a muscle. The safety of your personal and financial information is guaranteed, and extends to the lyrics and melodies you may be writing as well, with security settings for your smartphone being well up to the task of protecting you no matter whether your device is being used to enjoy poker, roulette or baccarat or in writing a love song about your most recent romantic forays. If great casino games are your hobby, then your Android will do you well, as you are able to pick and choose amongst some of the finest real money games available for play from wherever you happen to be. Using a rest time between songwriting sessions to win wonderful jackpots and cash prizes is a fun, entertaining thing to do, and can be potentially very profitable!

Even the finest songwriters in the world had to start somewhere, and you can be sure that not one of them was born with the ability to set down perfect lyrics each time they pick up their pens, notebooks, smartphones or other means of recording notes. A lot of work goes into crafting a good song, and the only way to get better at doing it is to do it every day. Start looking around your life with a different set of eyes, viewing people and events as possible topics for a song, and you will quickly see how even the most mundane happenings can be transformed into a worthwhile musical expression. Horrible boss giving you trouble every day? Write a song about his or her crazy demands, and your demented attempts to fulfil every one. Painful separation from someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with? There’s nothing more satisfying than setting your hurting heart to a good refrain, and finding a way out of the pain in the form of a song.

Start paying attention to the world around you, and to the songs you enjoy listening to as well. As soon as you can accurately determine how they make you feel and why they manage to hit home, you can begin using those same tools to more accurately transfer your experiences into the realm of music.

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Turning your Emotions into Songs

Human beings go through a gamut of experiences, and our feelings about and reactions to these events are what makes for some great songs. Properly executed, even painful incidents can be transformed into healing ones.

We all know the feeling of chancing upon a piece of music that seems to express exactly how we are feeling at that moment, and perhaps just the knowledge that there is someone else out there who is going through the same thing we are and surviving it is the most important factor. But the ability to capture our feelings properly on paper is one that is available to us all, and can be achieved by the simple act of practicing the art of songwriting.

The concept that this kind of talent is one that we are born with is as widely held as it is mistaken, and songwriting is, in essence, a craft one can learn rather than inspiration from some unknowable place that one has to sit around and wait for. Perhaps your lyrics will never find a place on the Billboard Top 100, but they can certainly clarify your feelings and help you express what’s in your heart. Even if nobody but you ever sees or hears them, you will find that they can help you through a really rough time or allow you to celebrate a wonderful event in your life.

Most of us generally have our smartphones or tablets with us as we go about our days, and these gadgets can be wonderful tools for jotting your ideas down as they come to you. Refine your notes before you get home and can do the work of transforming them into a song, and take advantage of other forms of entertainment when you need a break, like the Android casinos that are so much fun to visit. You can mix up your creative process with some lighthearted entertainment as you please, possibly getting to the point where you can enter competitions with your creations, or win some prize money from a casino game that you can then use to further your musical aspirations. These gadgets have a number of uses beyond texting and calling, and you can use them to have fun and win money with casinos, hone your songwriting skills, and many other things besides. Enjoy some of the fun and money as a reward for finally finishing that first verse!

Tips for Starting Songwriting

Start listening to the songs you love more attentively, and try to pinpoint exactly what aspect of them it is that moves you. Perhaps your response is primarily tied to the chord progressions and melody of the music you’re surrounded by, or maybe a superbly crafted lyric is what you most appreciate. Whichever of these two elements you find yourself most influenced by is where you need to focus your own attempts at self expression.

One good exercise is to rewrite the lyrics of your favourite song, keeping the melody and timing as set down by the original artist, but shaping your own thoughts for the lyrical content. If the music is more what interests you, simply flip this exercise around and rewrite the chords to fit the same lyrics.

Once this first step has been accomplished, finish off with the remaining half. If you’ve rewritten lyrics, then shape a new melody to fit your own words, if you’ve altered the music, and then try your hand at finding lyrics to suit your new melody.