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Double Exposure Blackjack

The Differences of Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is also sometimes called the Two Card game, Dealer Disclosure or Face up 21. This casino game is a variant of regular blackjack that was initially, and unsurprisingly first enjoyed in Las Vegas. The fundamental difference between Double Exposure Blackjack and regular Blackjack is that in Double Exposure Blackjack the dealers’ cards are both dealt face up. Knowing the dealers’ cards is obviously quite a game-changer for a player since this gives them far greater betting information and knowledge regarding the requirements of their own hand.

As can be expected with casino games, there is no free ride, and in Double Exposure Blackjack there are multiple rule changes that are made in order to compensate the house for the disadvantage of a completely exposed dealer. A natural blackjack hand in this game only pays out even money, and having the same score as the dealer is a loss for the player.

Additional Rule Changes

The additional game modifications in Double Exposure Blackjack mean that since both the dealers’ cards are exposed, players cannot buy insurance nor can they surrender their hand. Statistically the house edge in Double Exposure Blackjack therefore ends up being greater than in traditional blackjack, despite the seemingly advantageous situation for the player. Double Exposure blackjack is nevertheless still amongst the better casino games available with respect to statistical opportunity.

Another way that casinos increase their odds on winning at Double Exposure Blackjack is by stipulating that eight card decks are used in the game. This negates any card counting possibilities or weighting of possibilities, which all contribute to adding a slight advantage to the casinos statistical chances of triumphing.

Furthermore, casinos apply certain minor, but statistically significant restrictions on players in order to keep the odds in their favour. Doubling down and splitting is restricted at most casinos, and doubles after splitting are clearly not allowed.

Changes to Blackjack Playing Strategy

There are consequentially certain alterations that need to be made to the standard basic blackjack strategy when playing this version of the game. In Double Exposure Blackjack, simply the effect of a player losing in the event of a tie with the dealer changes strategy significantly. The restrictions on doubling and splitting, plus rules that the player may not double after a split, on any first two cards, or on unmatched 10-value cards mean that despite the double exposure, the odds still favour the house.

Benefits to Playing Double Exposure Blackjack

Therefore, for jaded card players who are keen to play an online card game that is fresh and interesting, yet familiar enough for comfort, Double Exposure blackjack may be the ideal form of entertainment. Whilst the players’ odds may not be quite as high as in classic European or American Blackjack, the returns in this form of the game is nevertheless at the higher end of the spectrum, compared to all the other casino games.

The slight variations to the rules that the additional exposed dealer card makes adds to the entertainment value in this game, and players can still consider Double Exposure Blackjack as a game well able to provide sustained winnings at any online casino.

Casino Holdem

Casino Holdem

Casino Holdem is a poker game, a variation of the extremely popular game of Texas Hold’em, but in Casino Holdem you play against the dealer instead of other players. This game is sometimes referred to as Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.

Casino Holdem uses some of the concepts of Texas Hold’em. Unlike many casino poker games, there is some skill involved in this game as well as a good deal of luck, but it certainly makes Casino Holdem a challenging game.

This game is sometimes called Caribbean Hold’em, and is a fairly new variety of poker. It was introduced to land based casinos about 2000, and its popularity spread quickly. It is now played in many casinos all over the world, and can be found at most of the online casinos too.

An Ante Bet and a Bonus Bet

To start Casino Holdem, you have to put up an ante bet. You can also place a bonus jackpot bet as well. The game is played with a fifty two card deck, and when beginning a round of Casino Holdem, all players at the table, including the dealer, are dealt two cards facing down. These are referred to as the player’s hole cards. To begin play, you will have to wager exactly twice your ante bet. If you decide to fold, and not to play that round, you will lose your ante bet. Unlike other casino games, you will have to play real money dollar chips.

Community Cards

The dealer next draws three cards and places them at the centre of the table facing upward so all the players can see them. These three cards are called the community cards, and everyone can make use of them to complete their own five card hand. You can now place another bet if you wish, but the bet has to be the same amount as the ante. You can fold if you want to, or decide not to play, and this is called Check. In Casino Holdem, you can keep playing, whether or not you have checked.

A Fourth community card is now added to the centre, facing upward.  Again you can bet or check, and if you decide to bet, the amount has to be same as the ante. This will be your last opportunity to place a bet, as the fifth and final community card is revealed and added to the four other cards on the table. At this point you have to make the best five card hand that you can. The dealer will then turn over his cards to reveal the hand of the house, the hands are compared and the winner announced. The dealer has to have at least two 4s, or your call bet will be returned. If the dealer has a better hand than you do, you will lose your ante and your call bet. If you have the better hand you will win an amount equal to your ante plus an additional win on your call bet. The amount you win is determined by the value of the hand you hold.

To Win the Bonus Jackpot

If you placed a bonus jackpot bet at the beginning of the hand, the dealer will check your hole cards to see if you quality for the bonus. This wager has an advantage in that, even if your hand loses, you can still emerge a winner. You can win the bonus with card combinations of Ace/Queen, Ace/King or Ace/Jack.

Temple Quest slot

Temple Quest Slot Takes You to The Amazon Jungle

Temple Quest slot is a game set in the rain forests around the Amazon. The background is the lush vegetation of the jungle, under bright blue skies, and there are Temples and Totem Masks to be uncovered and found. The reels are built into stone squares which are surrounded by green leaves and vines. This game is full of interesting bonus rounds, and it uses an unusual feature called Mega icons.

Temple Quest slot has five reels, four rows and forty fixed pay lines, and is produced by Big Time Gaming. There are six main symbols in Temple Quest slot, and they include an Emerald Amulet, a Gold carved Mask and an intricately decorated Parrot. There are also the traditional playing cards that represent the lower value symbols. There is a Wild symbol, which is the burning Wild icon, and as such can substitute for any other symbol in the game to form a winning combination, apart from the Scatters or Bonus symbols. The Wilds can appear at random, but when they do, five of them will give you a good payout. All symbols can appear stacked on the reels.

Find three to five of the playing card symbols and you will be rewarded with up to sixty coins, and three to five of the Emerald Amulets will give you 120 coins. You get an even bigger prize for finding the Parrots, while three to five of the Gold Masks can get you up to five hundred coins.

Scatters Appear as Mega Icons

In Temple Quest slot you will see the three Scatter symbols appear in gigantic form, the Free Spins Scatter icon, the beautiful Princess Scatter and the Chest of Fortune Scatter. Some of the Basic symbols like the letter K for the King in the playing cards also appear huge. These Mega icons can occupy up to sixteen reels and cover up to four of the normal symbols.

The basic symbols will act in their usual way while in their giant form, but the Free Spins symbol, the Princess and the Chest of Fortune will activate bonus rounds when they appear. If all or part of the Free Spin symbol appears anywhere on the reels, you will receive the number of free spins visible. Sixteen can be won at first, but more can be triggered while playing the Free Spins round. During this bonus round reels two to five will contain Mega icons, while reel one will have symbols the normal size.

Three Bonus Rounds

If any number of the Princess Scatter symbols appear in the Temple Quest slot, you will trigger the treasure Temple feature. , and you will be given the same number of keys that she is covering up. You are then allowed to play a mini game in which each of the keys will buy you access to a spin of the prize stone. Each spin will give you a cash prize of between forty times and four thousand times your initial stake, and the total prize will be the sum of the key payouts.

When any number of the Chest of Fortune Scatters appear, you will be given one Treasure Chest per symbol that appeared. You will be able to select a prize for each of the standard size icons that are covered by the giant icon.

In Temple Quest slot, Big Time Gaming has again produced a game full of spectacular designs and numerous interesting and lucrative bonus rounds.

Alien Robots

Alien Robots Online Slots Game

Alien Robots was developed by Net Entertainment, a gaming software development brand that has been providing unique online slot games since 1996. It is an online slot game that provides both casual and high rollers a chance to make the choice between playing with thirty pay lines and playing with 243 ways to win. Either way, the slot is played on a five reel and three row grid and features expanding sticky wilds, a re-spin and a free spins bonus game.

The online slot game is designed to be compatible with various online operating systems as well as iOS and android for mobile devices used at online gambling casinos in NZ.

The Theme, Graphics and Sound

The theme of Alien Robots is based on animated toy robots that travel through space. The robots are brightly coloured and the various coloured robots represent the higher valued cards as well as the wild symbol. These are red; orange; yellow; green; blue and white coloured robots. The higher valued playing card icons that represent the lower valued slot symbols are animated and appear pixelated and blinking.

A low hum is heard in the background to portray the atmosphere of inside a spaceship while beeps and squeaks that sound as though the robots are talking to each other are heard throughout the game. All the sound effects are similar to those of classic arcade games.

The Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins

The white robot is the Alien Robots wild symbol. This symbol appears with glowing pink eyes and a green brain that shoots lightning bolts. During the base game the wild symbol acts as a regular substitute for all the symbols apart from the scatter symbol. The wild symbol will however become an expanding sticky wild during the free spins bosanus round. This is where the wild symbol will expand to cover the entire reel and stick to the reel for one re-spin.

The UFO symbol is the scatter symbol that will trigger the Alien Robots free spins bonus round when three, four or five land anywhere on the reels. Either 10, 20 or 50 free spins are awarded depending on the number of scatters that appeared. The expanding sticky wild and re-spin feature is activated during the free spins and any three or more scatters that appear will re-trigger another batch of free spins.

Wagering and Special Game Features

Regardless of whether the thirty pay line or 243 ways to win is activated, the coin limits are no different. Each of the Alien Robots coins can have a value of 0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.10; 0.20 or 0.50. Up to five coins can be wagered per pay line.

The buttons that adjust the coin values, pay lines and bets per line are displayed below the reels. The current balance, credits and wagered amount are visibly displayed on the screen. Certain settings like the volume of the sound effects are adjustable and easy to find. Alien Robots has an auto play feature where 10; 25; 50 or 75 spins will spin automatically. The stop settings for the auto play feature are adjustable and can be set to the desired choice.

Carat Casino

Carat Casino Overview

Carat Casino is an online gambling platform that provides instant play to games in its library. It is licensed under Curacao eGaming, having one licence that covers all the games Carat Casino supports. Games are aimed at a UK and Scandinavian audience, with many countries being restricted from play, such as The United States of America, France, Australia, and others.

First opened in 2012, Carat Casino has become fairly popular due to the large number of games in its library and the unique bonuses offered.

Carat Casino Software

With the amount of games found within its library, Carat Casino has been provided software by a number of various developers. Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Jadestone Networks, AG Software, and Gaming Technology Solutions are a few developers that have contributed software, making a combined total of 277 playable games. Player can expect to find just about every type of online casino game category, with the most popular being poker, slots, and blackjack; and an online lottery available.

Gameplay is considered instant, and can be accessed from any browser, granted the browser supports flash. Additionally, mobile play is supported, and is accessed directly through any mobile browser; downloads of any sort are not required. Net Entertainment Touch and Microgaming Go provide the support for a range of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

Live play is supported in some instances, such as Bingo. This means that there are real time Bingo rooms in progress at any given time, with live chat available for players.

Carat Casino Online Payment Methods

Payments and withdrawals through Carat Casino can be done in various ways. MasterCard and Visa are supported, along with direct bank transfers. Online -wallets such as Skrill and Neteller can also be used, and can be done securely. Neteller is the recommended e-wallet to use with Carat Casino, as it is more secure and faster than the other options available.

The Euro, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kroner, and US Dollar are the four currencies Carat Casino accepts, with a monthly withdrawal limit of 10000 Euros.

Carat Casino does not provide information on its monthly return to player statistics to the public.

Carat Casino Support

If players should encounter any problems with the casino, or simply wish to make enquiries, support is provided via telephone, live chat, or email. The telephonic service runs daily from 11 in the morning to 12 at night on Central European Time. A toll-free support phone line is provided for local calls, while a UK-based support centre is provided for international calls.

Carat Casino Bonuses

Upon opening a new account with Carat Casino, players will be rewarded with a starting bonus that can include credit to use on the site, or a number of free spins. Along with this, players can find promotional bonuses on offer, and those with an account will be notified whenever a new promotion starts.

The jackpot section can be found within the slots menu. Progressive jackpots found here can be played locally and internationally.

Redslots, Bluemay Enterprises

Redslots Online Casino

There can be no denying the fact that in recent years, online casinos have become remarkably popular, perhaps even surpassing the popularity of traditional casinos. However, this has led to a surge in the market, something that can be described as both a blessing and a curse to players from around the world. It’s a blessing in the sense that there are now more options available to them, but a curse because of having to sift through the masses and find an online casino that works efficiently and is well suited to their needs. Redslots Casino, owned by Bluemay Enterprises, is a good example of a casino that covers all bases and offers something for everyone. If you’re not entirely sure what exactly you need to get out of your online casino, take a look below.

A Wide Assortment Of Games

It’s important to register at an online casino that has a wide assortment of games for you to choose from. Bluemay Enterprises has made sure that Redslots, one of its offerings, does just that. By having a variety, they can ensure that players keep returning to their online casino. If all the games were the same, or were outdated, players would very easily become bored. Avoid this completely for opting for an online casino that has more than just a few pickings.

A wide selection of slots, table games, instant win and other casino games can be played and a choice of free and real money gaming is on offer. This means players are able to wager real money and win, or practice and just have fun.

A Reputable License

Because online casinos can, theoretically, be accessed from anywhere in the world, it is important that the license that the casino carries is a reputable one. Some licenses aren’t accepted in all areas of the world, so even though the site may be accessible from a certain country, the games may not be, due to that country’s particular restrictions. Bluemay Enterprises’ online casino, Redslots, is licensed under the jurisdiction of Curacao. This is one of the most esteemed ones, which means that since its launch in 2014, players from quite a number of countries have been able to enjoy its games.

Technical Support

Bluemay Enterprises has ensured that Redslots online casino has everything that players need, including technical support gurus on hand in the unlikely event that technical errors or difficulty occur. Live chat, email and telephonic calls from players are all welcomed. Whichever route you choose is bound to bring you the help you need, as the tech support desk is manned by trained professionals, all of whom will work quickly to help you resolve your questions and queries as quickly as possible. This allows you to focus less on the problems at hand and more on enjoying the games on offer.

Knowing what to expect from an online casino will really help you when it comes to choosing one on which to register an account. Redslots casino meets the expected standards in online gaming and is a reputable, reliable site backed by a trusted brand.

Realtime Gaming Online Casino Slots

Realtime Gaming Online Casino Slots

Realtime Gaming was established in 2008, and is run out of Heredia in Costa Rica today. The company is owned by Hastings International, and has built up a worldwide reputation in producing high-quality online casino games over the years. In particular, Realtime Gaming online casino slots games are very popular and widely acclaimed, with a diverse range that should appeal to most players. For those who want to learn more about the range of Slots that Realtime Gaming has on offer, the guide below is a good place to start.

Classic Slots

Classic Slots are inspired by the original machines that were first played in the bars of San Francisco and Brooklyn, and the Realtime Gaming online casino Slots of this kind tend to have 3 reels and 1 or 3 paylines. Although less detailed that the company’s other offering, these Realtime Classic games almost always feature Wild Symbols which act as substitutes for other symbols to make up winning combinations and multiply the payouts when they do. Some of them even feature Bonus Games to increase winning potential.

Real Series and Other Video Slots

As is the case with most casino software leaders, the bulk of Realtime Gaming online casino Slots fall into this category. These all involve detailed themes, which range from an Enchanted Gard to Pinocchio, and offer everything in between. As they are being played, Bonus Rounds that related to the central idea are triggered to immerse players even more. The various Special Feature Rounds allow for several extra winning opportunities, and these games are known to be very lucrative.

The jewel in Realtime Gaming’s Slot machines crown is undisputedly the Real Series of entertainments. These offer up to 25 paylines and generally have a minimum bet of 0.01 credits per spin, so they are suitable for most players’ budgets. These offer similar Bonus Features to other Video Slot games in the Realtime Canon, but are especially well designed and tend to have these Bonuses triggered more frequently. Creative titles in the series include Voodoo Magic and Achilles.

Progressive Jackpots

Several of Realtime Gaming’s Slots games are also linked to Progressive Jackpots, where players from all over the world contribute to a shared prize pool. These Jackpots are randomly triggered or are won by spinning pre-specified combinations, and pay out much more than a single machine could. The Realtime Progressive Jackpots, including Aztec’s Millions and the festive Jackpot Piñatas, are often among the largest in the industry.

Choosing Realtime Gaming Online Casino Slots

With so many options to look into, it can be quite challenging to choose which Realtime Gaming Slots to play. To this end, the company has made all of its reels available through browser-based play, so that no download is necessary, and they can also be played free for no deposit. This allows players to check out as many games as they wish to before committing to a few, with their only investment being time. It’s a great way to explore, build confidence and ensure that each Realtime Gaming Slots experience is well-suited to the particular player.

All Irish Casino

The All Irish Casino

The L&L Europe Ltd group has made a name for itself creating online casinos for niche markets and has, among others, sites dedicated to players in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. These tend to be very similar and are run in the same way, but are themed on and tailored to the preferences of the country they cater for. The All Irish Casino that was established in 2012 is decorated with green shamrocks and while other around the world can visit, it bills itself as the Irish Republic’s only dedicated online gambling destination.

Software and Games

The basic platform at All Irish Casino is created by NetEnt and Portomaso Gaming, but several of the games are sourced from Yggdrasil Gaming and Amatic Industries as well. The best-crafted and most popular entertainments from each studio have been brought together, with Slots from Yggdrasil and NetEnt including The Dark Joker Rizes and Dracula respectively. There is plenty on offer for table and card game fans as well, with different variations of Keno, Craps, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat. Roulette and other amusements. A separate section is also dedicated to live dealer games, which are broadcast from Oracle, from the casino’s own studio, and from Portomaso Casino in Malta.

The All Irish Casino lobby can be visited directly through a web browser, and everything is available instantly with no download alternative provided or required since most content has been developed on HTML5. The same experience is possible on any desktop, Mac or mobile device, be it a Windows, iOS, Android or Blackberry handset. The easily navigable lobby also makes it easy for players to choose a real money or no deposit version of every game. This gives them the chance to polish their skills and build up their confidence, before placing any actual bets.

Security and Support

The L&L Europe Ltd group is licensed by the jurisdictions of Malta, the United Kingdom and Curacao, and the All Irish Casino is regulated and approved by all of these. This should give players assurance that the site is properly maintained, that solid administrative structures are in place and that all their personal information and banking transactions will be kept secure. This is further evidenced by the fact that payments are made to players free of charge and can be made through several channels, including MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash and bank transfer. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, and should appear in players’ bank accounts within 4 days. When players do run into issues, dedicated customer service agents are available to deal with them from 9 a.m. to midnight GMT, via live chat, email or the telephone. Simpler issues can also often be dealt with via the comprehensive FAQ page on the site.

Bonuses and Promotions

Since the All Irish Casino is mostly aimed at the Irish Republic, it makes sense that players from the rest of the world cannot access the sign-up bonuses and rewards. However, later promotions can really help boost everyone’s bankrolls. These change regularly so they are worth keeping an eye on, and as always the terms and conditions should be very carefully checked. The site often incorporates holidays into its campaigns, such as free spin offers on certain Video Slots over the Christmas period. Many players have reported that this extra bit of cheer is a great way to round off their games and their other celebrations as well.

Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure

Wild Gambler – Arctic Adventure Slots

The original Wild Gambler online slots machine game from Ash Gaming remains one of the most recognisable of all time, with its well-executed safari theme and linked symbols.

The second offering in this popular gaming franchise, Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure, has traded the African landscape for one filled with icy backdrops, and players are required to land the penguins; polar bears and walruses who make their home in this landscape across the reels.

There are 20 opportunities to do so on each spin of the game, thanks to the 20 paylines it offers, and the polar bear functions as a prize-giver thanks to its status as a wild.

Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure Features

The most innovative part of Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure is a feature that pub slots players will fondly recall, whereby players are able to use frozen wilds. In an interesting twist, however, holding on to the wilds will cost the player, with this total based on the relative chances of winning.

Players will also need to take into account the multipliers that will be applied when a wild helps to form a winning combination, so players who enjoy a little rapid mental calculation during play will be in their element. All of these aspects will factor into the Play Your Way feature available for Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure too, where players are able to turn a specific symbol wild by paying a little extra.

Free Spins Bonus Round Available

The silver coin is the key for the free spins bonus round for Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure, with the amount of symbols which land determining how many are awarded. Three coins will award seven free spins; four will grant the player twelve; and five landing on the reels will allow the player to enjoy 20 complimentary spins of the reels. The frozen wilds are offered completely free of charge, and these will remain in place for what’s left of the round.

The unique aspects of Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure combined with a very well-developed theme and great bonus options have made this game a firm favourite with online players.

Additional Game Features

Players will be able to play Wild Gambler –Arctic Adventure by means of the auto play button provided as well, and can set the game to spin automatically for between five and 50 spins at a bet they select. The turbo mode provided for in this online video slots game is also a fun option for players to explore, as it sets the reels spinning at a lightning quick pace if it is selected.

The wonderful winter introduction for this online video slots game will tell players everything they need to know about how to play the game, and what exactly to expect, so it is advised that players take note of it the first time they sit down to play. After this it can be skipped if necessary. Volume can be adjusted lower or higher, or totally muted, by means of the gaming screen as well.

Super Diamond Deluxe

Super Diamond Deluxe Online Slot

The Super Diamond Deluxe online slots game is an IGT casino game developer product, and offers players five reels and 10 paylines to play with along with the potential prize of an enormous progressive jackpot at the end of the game. This straightforward, entertaining online slots game will appeal to players who long for simpler slots gambling action, and games which are able to keep players entertained without making use of complicated plot lines or convoluted animations in order to do so. Players who like a simpler online experience will be hard put to find a better game to play, and it is widely available at all the better casinos available on the World Wide Web.

Super Diamond Deluxe Slots Basics

The symbols Super Diamond Deluxe online slots makes use of are as well-designed as they are simple, and include red gemstones; green jewels; blue stones and the diamonds hinted at in the title. The ten; jack; queen; king and ace playing card symbols are also available.

Payouts will be made when a minimum of three symbols appear diagonally or horizontally on the paylines, and do not need to begin on the left-hand side of the screen in order to do so. Creating winning combinations is far easier for players to do, and the fact that the symbols are able to appear stacked makes for even larger wins. The diamond icons are the most valuable, and landing five of these will net players 500 coins.

Super Diamond Deluxe Progressive Jackpot

Every time a player decides to spin the reels for Super Diamond Deluxe online slots the jackpot increases, and the higher the stake for play the better the chance for snagging the top prize. Should all five of the reels turn gold players will take the big money prize home.

Players begin the game by setting the total amount to be wagered, as all ten paylines for the game are fixed. After this has been done, the spin button is selected and the reels will start revolving. Autoplay options are also available for players, which require no further input after selection.

Super Diamond Deluxe online slots is available by means of a number of different platforms, and players will be able to make use of desktop computers; smartphones and tablet devices in order to engage in play. It is also available totally free of charge, and players are able to enjoy risk-free play until they are certain that the real money rewards are within their reach.

The graphics for Super Diamond Deluxe online slots are colourful, bold and bright, and will please slots players of all levels of experience. The software integration on all the various platforms available is smooth, and the sound effects go a long way towards immersing players in the action no matter where they happen to be enjoying the game from.

The progressive jackpot available will always be displayed alongside the reels, and players will be able to keep an eye on the total while they attempt to match the available icons.